Newest Mind Movie Magic!

Mind Movie Magic – At It Again! When it comes to your career and finances: Have you ever found yourself instinctively reacting to certain situations… Saying certain things… Giving into certain habits… Or making certain choices… That almost immediately leave you frustrated and disappointed in yourself, as you wonder: “Why […]


Canadian Election 2015 – My 50 cents 4

Hi, I would like to share my personal opinion of the Canadian election 2015 in our great country of Canada. This message goes out to @pmharper, @justintrudeau, @ThomasMulcair  Would you fellows kindly do a Reality Check! Reality Check: I am a fifth generation Canadian. Your party politics have angered me […]

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How Do You Find the Right Keywords? 7

You can find the right keywords for your website.  How?  By keeping your focus on what your audience is seeking and carefully choosing your keywords! These days it is imperative to write relevant content as well as using SEO techniques to help seekers find your site. But Keywords are still a critical […]

Best Keyword Tool Ever is Jaaxy! 22

I have discovered that the best keyword tool ever is Jaaxy! Honestly, keywords and keyword research have been a confusing subject for me.  I have been learning about keywords since I first started building websites in 2007. I had difficulty understanding all the technical things about keywords. I finally found a […]

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Review of Empowerment Network Training 2

This is my  personal review  of Empowerment Network. What is the training they offer?  Is this a scam or not? Training may only covers their specialty and not the whole package of knowledge that you need to succeed. In my reviews I am looking for the things in the program that affect me […]

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Language of Computers – Easy? 6

What exactly is the language of computers and what do we really need to know? Since personal Computers became available, they have changed how we communicate. They have also changed the way we shop. With the many software and hardware advances, it is now possible for almost anyone of any […]